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Update!!! Poważny!!! - Uziriel2796 - 02-02-2017

Nowe bronie, obniżanie obrażeń dla Assault Rifles i LMG, Godsaw zadaje obrażenia pojazdom (!) i wiele wiele innych

Pełna lista:

Najważniejsze zmiany:

1. NSX Tanto carbine

2. Zmniejszenie obrażeń zadawanych przez AR i LMG.

3. Mniejsze obrażenia dla Gauss Primea i jego odpowiedników na innych frakcjach.

4. Godsaw dostał tryb pozwalający mu na zadawanie obrażeń pojazdom, ale zmniejszający damage wobec piechoty o 50%.

5. Zmiany w Tempeście.

6. Peltery na Valkyrii mają zwiększoną znacznie pojemność i prędkość pocisku (wiedziałem, że kiedyś będą OP)

7. Zmiany w broniach Przeciwlotniczych na MBT.

8. Zmniejszony damage Fury na Harasserze.

9. Można kupić Peltery na Galu Big Grin

10. Można kupić Hyeny na Galu.

11. Znaczne zmniejszenie obrażeń Buldoga na Galu (z 1000 na 600)

12. Naprawa Bugów (sporo)

13. Dodanie Bugów (jeszcze więcej Tongue)

14. Pomniejsze zmiany.

RE: Update!!! Poważny!!! - Feontil - 11-02-2017

Myślicie, że wprowadza to w takiej formie?

RE: Update!!! Poważny!!! - IICzern - 11-02-2017

Raczej nie.

RE: Update!!! Poważny!!! - Uziriel2796 - 11-02-2017

Big Grin
Typowy Czerniu

RE: Update!!! Poważny!!! - Feontil - 28-02-2017

RE: Update!!! Poważny!!! - Feontil - 20-03-2017

Implant System
Another pass has been done on the purchase flow for implants. Buying multiple implant packs from the depot at the same time will now show all of the items that were received, instead of only those contained within the first pack.


Now increases jumping height at max rank, instead of sprint speed.
The crouch-penalty reduction at maximum rank is now 75%, instead of 100%. Other ranks have been adjusted to scale.

Minor Cloak
Dev Note: The following adjustments intend to alleviate concerns regarding the implant's ambush potential in close quarters, while still allowing the user to remain elusive. We are eyeing cloak opacity adjustments as an additional tuning knob if necessary. These values are all subject to change in later updates.

EMPs will now decloak those affected by Minor Cloak, and reset the time until entering cloak.
Now has a 1.25 second delay when exiting cloak where the user cannot fire their weapons.
Various bug fixes and visual adjustments.


Adjustments have been made to reduce the performance impact of this base.
Feature on test in Ikanam Only: Players indoors should no longer see spotted targets outside, and vice versa.
Known issues:
Affects squad/platoon members on map (still visible on hud)
Being underground prevents waypoints for displaying on map (still visible on hud)

Vehicle Improvements
Dev Note: We’re interested in your feedback regarding the new handling features, especially without chassis options equipped, as those are likely to be revisited in the future.

Prowler, and Lightning have all received traction and handling improvements.
Vanguard is currently receiving adjustments, and will be going to test in a broken state for the time being.
Steering in reverse should now feel more natural and responsive.
Acceleration now happens more quickly.
Breaking will halt the vehicle more quickly.
Traction is better all around, these vehicles no longer slide on slopes you’d expect to climb.

NSX Yumi
Nanite Systems is excited to announce the latest addition to its export series lineup, the NSX Yumi assault rifle. After a short charge-delay, the rifle unleashes a five-round burst which retains its accuracy out to mid range. The spacing between rounds is shorter than most weapons in its class, allowing for quick takedowns for headhunters.

Misc. Adjustments
Reinforcements Needed

Reinforcements Needed should now select more ideal spawn locations.
The maximum number of available spawns has increased from 2 to 3.


Detonation angle from 90 to 135 degrees (does not widen the trigger area.)

Bug Fixes

Wielded knives should now look less “punchy” in third person
Fix for VS Munitions Pouch rank 1 not providing ammo